Equipment for field surveys

The Coastal and Marine Geomorphology Group employs the latest technology in survey equipment, both for surveys carried out on land and in the sea.
The group is also equipped with mobile laboratories with facilities for research and sampling in coastal and marine areas.
The group is fitted out with a Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up and two watercrafts: Novamarine RH580 and Marino 660, both with transport trailers. The watercrafts are fitted up as mobile research laboratories and have up-to-date survey equipment, suitable for all weather conditions.

Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up with Novamarine RH580


Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up with Marino 660


Surveys at sea

Novamarine RH580


Marino 660

The watercraft have been adapted to carry the following equipment:
-Rollbar with underwater air cylinder stands, steel stands for echo sounder and winch for sample bucket (fig. 1. -1);
-Steel frame for installment of waterproof cover for: computer, echo sounder, VHF and DGPS receiver (fig. 1. -2);
-Adjustable stand for echo sounder and DGPS antenna (fig. 1. -3, -4, -5);
-Design and realization of PVC console for the onboard equipment (VHF, Personal computer, echo sounder and DGPS receiver (fig. 1. -6, and fig 2);
-Personal computer with bathymetric and positioning data interface with Reson PDS2000 navigation and acquisition software (fig. 2. -3);
-Van Veen Bucket (5 litres) for taking sediment samples (fig. 1. -7);
-Rotating steel arm and winch for sample bucket (fig. 1. -8);
-VHS with antenna for radio communications (fig. 1. -9 and fig 1. -4)

figure 1 – Novamarine RH580 equipped for echosound and sedimentological findings


figure 2 – Close up of console with onboard equipment (VHF) and (Echo sounder, DGPS and Computer) for findings


Reson Navisound 215 double frequency 200/33kHz Echo sounder (homepage)


Sontek ADP/ADCP 500kHz Current meter (homepage)


DGPS OmniStar 8300HP (homepage)


Surveys on land

DGPS Base/Rover Ashtech ProMarkIII (homepage)


GNSS StarFire RTK SF-3040 NavComTech (homepage)


Specific Software:

Communication Technology Swan Pro (homepage)

Communication Technology Swan Mosaic (homepage)

Reson PDS2000 (homepage)

Deltares Delft3D (homepage)

Ashtech GNSS Solution (homepage)